Welcome to Flick Gymnastics Leotards & Leisurewear. Through our own children’s dedication, passion and love of gymnastics at a competitive level, they have been our inspiration for Flick Gymnastics Leotards to be created.

Our aim has been to develop an exciting brand of high quality and fashionable gymnastics leotards and leisurewear to enable gymnasts to train, perform and compete in comfort and style. We have spent many years researching and sourcing the best fabrics to produce high end garments at a competitive price. Working closely with our designer, we have created a unique logo which we believe symbolises and captures the spirit of gymnastics.

Gymnastics requires flexibility, physical strength, agility and grace. Whether you are a recreational or a competitive gymnast, Flick Gymnastics will ensure you train, perform and compete in comfort and style.

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to welcoming you as a customer.