Leotard Care

As our leotards are made of delicate fabrics and may contain rhinestones, please take care when washing and follow these instructions carefully to prolong the life of your leotard:

  • Please turn garment inside out prior to washing;
  • Wash all garments separately;
  • Machine wash separately on a delicate cold water cycle;
  • If handwashing, very gently hand wash in cold water.  DO NOT rub the leotard fabric together;
  • Do not use detergents, bleach or fabric softener as these may damage the fabrics and cause fading;
  • Once washing is complete, remove immediately and place garment on a plastic hanger to dry;
  • Do not iron;
  • Do not tumble dry.

Due to the delicate fabrics and colour designs of our leotards, persistent washing, perspiration and the use of ant-perspirants may cause fabrics to fade or lose foil over a period of time so please take care.

Other Garments

Care labels are attached to each of our products and the individual care instructions should be followed accordingly.

Flick Gymnastics will not be responsible for garments that are not washed and cared for according to the above instructions and advice.